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[pct-l] RE: Kinda Sick


What happened to me was not dangerous at sea level where I could get to a
doctor within a day. At altitude or where I was 2 days from a doctor it was
life threatening. The lesson it taught me was that as I get older the risk
of being in a physically stressful situation and/or away from medical help
constitutes greater penalties.

The problem I had was that I lost enough blood from my colin to drop my
hemoglobin from 15 to 8. I was close to a transfusion and probably would
have been hospitalized if there had been a convient bed, but not in any real
danger. However, at 9000 feet the available oxygen is much less and I would
have likely lapsed into a coma. Even if I had not, the solution for this
bleeding is to take an enema and lie down and rest, not walk 20-30 miles to
the nearest trailhead. So said the Doctor anyhow. 

Laying in the bed I visualized the problem my wife would have faced
somewhere in the Sierra if this condition occured/reoccured even if she knew
exactly what to do. Would she leave me and go to get help knowing that I
might slip into a coma or would she stay with me and trust that someone
would come along who could/would contact a ranger for help? [My solution:
Hire someone to tape her giving me an enema in the wilderness and send it to
"America's Funniest Video's". Then use the proceeds to have one huge bash in
rememberance of Tom]

The prognosis is that I don't have cancer, I have pockets in my colin as a
result of trying to poop too hard. I can't really hike until my hemoglobin
returnes to 12/13. And THIS CAN HAPPEN AGAIN. My solution is a satelitte
phone at all times. [Used they are down to $395
[http://www.phonetraders.com/used.htm#used_iridium] for the one I carried
last year]


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How are you doing?>?>>>

I have been doing a repeat on the desert section from the border up to
Tahachipi area
and ahve now just checked in for email......What was the diagonis??? Thtat
is a pretty serious
situation...clearly! I am worried!!



I have not been able to receive any more email past the date of you last so
please pardon me if you explained this already... I think my server will be\
back up next week.. they are in the throws of a dot-bomb problem here
in Silicon Valley..


t 2:00 PM -0800 1/25/02, Reynolds, WT wrote:
>Re:  What's up with the kinda sick.  Hope to see you at the annual PCTA
>+++++++++The Teutonic Knight+++++++++
>I wound up losing a ton of blood bleeding from the A$$ [and I'm not that
>kinda guy]. My red blood count dropped from 15 to 8.3. At altitude I would
>have been in a coma. I expect to make it to ADZPCTKO but I may not hike
>much. I was hoping to hike 20-30 miles with my wife but that's not certain
>In general, I must say "getting old is a bitch". Obviously I will need to
>carry a satelitte phone with me at all times now. There was absolutely no
>warning about my condition and there was no likely solution other than
>if I had been at 9000 feet 15 miles from a trailhead. Kinda sobering don't
>you think?
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