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[pct-l] RE: Kinda Sick

How are you doing?>?>>>

I have been doing a repeat on the desert section from the border up to
Tahachipi area
and ahve now just checked in for email......What was the diagonis??? Thtat
is a pretty serious
situation...clearly! I am worried!!



I have not been able to receive any more email past the date of you last so
please pardon me if you explained this already... I think my server will be\
back up next week.. they are in the throws of a dot-bomb problem here
in Silicon Valley..


t 2:00 PM -0800 1/25/02, Reynolds, WT wrote:
>Re:  What's up with the kinda sick.  Hope to see you at the annual PCTA
>+++++++++The Teutonic Knight+++++++++
>I wound up losing a ton of blood bleeding from the A$$ [and I'm not that
>kinda guy]. My red blood count dropped from 15 to 8.3. At altitude I would
>have been in a coma. I expect to make it to ADZPCTKO but I may not hike
>much. I was hoping to hike 20-30 miles with my wife but that's not certain
>In general, I must say "getting old is a bitch". Obviously I will need to
>carry a satelitte phone with me at all times now. There was absolutely no
>warning about my condition and there was no likely solution other than death
>if I had been at 9000 feet 15 miles from a trailhead. Kinda sobering don't
>you think?
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