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[pct-l] Fixed games!! ( Super Bowl)

 The reason the Pats won is because the NFL made sure that happened! Games 
follow a script ( not unlike the WWF wrestlers) and if something doesn't go 
according to script, Refs throw a flag or sometimes make bad calls to keep 
game out come on track. Refs make calls against Pats in fourth quarter be 
allow Rams to tie or come close before Pats won on a " Nail Biter Kick". ( 
Totally Fake game and Americans buy it like apple pie!! ( No way the NFL 
would rig a game to keep rating up and make more money would they???) Humm?? 
I'm suprised they didn't show the twin towers falling again when they threw 
all the stars and stripes and red ,white or blue paer in the air. The game 
was a set up from the get go!!!!!!!! Mad Monte