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[pct-l] Maps

We used the guidebook maps with the exception of the Tom Harrison John Muir
Trail map pack in the high sierra. We packed them in our resupply for
Kennedy Meadows because we had used them several times before and were
familiar and comfortable with them. We left KM June 10, 2000 and the maps
were a great bonus. Cottonwood pass was dry. As a forecaster of our Sierra
trip, it lied! We spent so much time on snow and in water without trail that
we were glad to have the detailed map pack. If you enjoy beautiful maps,
you'll really appreciate Tom Harrison's multi color shaded maps.

Gotta hike,
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> Hey all you PCT gurus,
> A question regarding maps...I'm planning on just using the guidebook
> sections and maps for the majority of the trail, but I'm interested if
> anyone has suggestions on sections that may require supplemental
> maps...anywhere where the guidebook maps didn't offer enough coverage, or
> perhaps certain resupply towns that you really appreciated an extra map
> getting to...any suggestions appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Dan
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