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[pct-l] Re: ADZPCTKO


I thought that I would copy your question to the PCT-L because I get this 
question all the time and want to make sure that everyone understands.  

Linda writes:

> I will be thru-hiking (attempting to anyway) the PCT this 2002. I would like 
> to send a $ contribution to offset some of your costs. I'm confused when 
> you say you will not be accepting any donations from 2002 hikers. Does that 
> mean you won't be accepting funds on the day at Lake Moreno?......or even 
> beforehand? It would be my pleasure to send a contribution.

Linda, NO contributions from 2002 hikers means no contributions will be 
accepted from you fortunate ones who aspire to hike the PCT this year.  This 
event is for you (plural).  You have enough things to worry about and costs 
to cover in order to accomplish this incredible journey.  We want to do this 
for you to lighten the tension of starting out, kill a lot of those damn 
butterflies, and share just a bit of the magic and wonder that we have 
experienced with you.  Please take no offense by this refusal.  There is none 
meant.  Please allow us this little weird thing we demand.  There are no 
other rules or demands to the ADZPCTKO.  I think you will find this a very 
comfortable, low key, fun thing.

Please consider coming to the 5th ADZPCTKO next year, contributing to cover 
yours and perhaps other's expenses and sharing your most recent experiences 
of your 2002 hike with those that aspire to thru-hike in 2003.  

We are pleased to put this on and look forward to meeting you and all of the 
class of 2002.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

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