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[pct-l] 4th ADZPCTKO

I will be arriving Friday, late afternoon.  So please put me down to help
you wish.  I will have a car or can help on site.
Cheers,   Marge (the old gal

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The 4th ADZPCTKO will be held at Lake Morena County Park, along the PCT just
20 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border on April 27th this year.  The
Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off, ADZPCTKO, is a low key gathering of
present section and thru-hikers, past thru-hikers, ancient thru-hikers,
angels, supporters and future section and thru-aspiring hikers.  Dinner will
be served to all on Saturday night, however, people seem to begin gathering
on the Friday before and may be accomodated as funds allow.