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[pct-l] Seattle-to-Rainy Pass

Happy'Jo'  wrote:

Message: 4
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 05:33:15 -0800 (PST)
From: Hape Jo <happyjoonthepct@yahoo.com>
To: pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
Subject: [pct-l] Rainy Pass

Does anyone know of a good way for someone to travel
from the Seattle Airport to Rainy Pass, WA?

Happy 'Jo'
1 - You could take a connecting flight to Wenatchee, WA and from there =
use the inexpensive local bus system to get to
      Chelan. Take the Chelan Boat Company ride to Stehekin, hitch a =
ride to the Bridge Creek trailhead and then hike 12=20
      miles to Rainy Pass.

 2 - Take the train from Seattle to Wenatchee and do as in #1 above=20

 3 - There may be a bus from Wenatchee going over Hwy#20 that could drop =
you off at Rainy Pass

 4 - Take the train from Seattle North to Mt Vernon and catch a bus =
going East on Hwy#20 to Rainy Pass

Have a great trip...

Dick Bingham - w7wkr
Stehekin, WA

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