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[pct-l] Sis does PCT!!

 Actually my Sis moved from the wind blown rain state to S.D. last month. She 
and her 6 y/o daughter went out to the Mexican Border Monument yesterday and 
had a blast hiking 5 miles! She was very taken with the locals of the area 
and saw the Museum in Campo that's always closed when I'm there. She was 
amazed at the difference it makes between the fast pace of S.D. and the easy 
slow pace that only 50 miles in the hills makes. She toured Lake Morena and 
fell in love with the peace and quite of winter desert. At the Museum, she 
got to talk to a few great folks. One was an old indian who had been around 
forever and told her of many great tales. ( One of a woman who was to do the 
PCT on horse, sold the horse to hike with some guy, got married and lived 
happily ever after) If you live close to campo, you are lucky. ( At least 
till mid-may when it's too hot!!!