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[pct-l] Giardia

I'm in my once a year coming out of the lurk mode.

Here is a FDA site about  Giardia lamblia


In summary:

   Many adult individuals seem to have lasting immunity
   Giardiasis is most frequently associated with contaminated water.  

from the article:

Giardiasis is most frequently associated with the consumption of
contaminated water. Five outbreaks have been traced to food 
contamination by infected or infested food handlers, and the 
possibility of infections from contaminated vegetables that are eaten
raw cannot be excluded. Cool moist conditions favor the survival of 
the organism.
 6. Relative Frequency of Disease:

Giardiasis is more prevalent in children than in adults, possibly because
many individuals seem to have a lasting immunity after
infection. This organism is implicated in 25% of the cases of 
gastrointestinal disease and may be present asymptomatically.
The overall incidence of infection in the United States is estimated 
at 2% of the population. This disease afflicts many homosexual men,
both HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals. This is presumed to 
be due to sexual transmission. The disease is also common in child 
day care centers, especially those in which diapering is done.


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