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[pct-l] Giardia

I always thought that if you had Giardia once, then it stayed with you
Was kinda sick this past month and thought I was having a re-occurrence of
what I thought
was Giardia over the years from visiting various countries like Nepal, India
etc etc.

My visit to the doctor and lots of test showed I did not have Giardia in my
system and
a O & P test (I know the P stands for parasites) came out clean as a
whistle. So I can
only conclude that I had plain old diarrhea in all those countries and never

For what its worth........

Cheers,   Marge (the old gal)
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I spent six months backpacking around Africa. I never had giardiasis. In 13
countries, the only place I ever had trouble was in Nairobi, Kenya. I had
occasional travelers diarrhea there, but nothing serious.