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[pct-l] Re: Giardia and cattle. Was: long winter type thoughts

--- Brick Robbins <brick@fastpack.com> wrote:

> As unpleasant as Cattle polluted water is,
> herbivores such as cows and 
> horses don't carry Giardia.

Granted, Giardia may be more prevalent in omnivores,
but don't rule out herbavores completely.  Beavers are
also herbivores.
A quick search turned up the following.

>From the University of Missouri-Columbia:
"1.Taxonomic classification 
Mastigophorid (flagellated) protozoan 
Giardia duodenalis (syn., G. lamblia, G. canis ; there
is much debate over speciation with one group lumping
them into one species, G. duodenalis , other groups
splitting this into separate species by host species;
isoenzyme and DNA sequence typing demonstrate strain

   2.Definitive host spectrum 
          Dogs, cats, other pets 
               (Rodents, birds, reptiles have their
own species, but presumably can become infected with
G. duodenalis) 
          The status of reservoir hosts is still being
evaluated "


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