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[pct-l] safety gear.

My answers probably have no validity nowadays and won't help you at
all...but you asked! In 1977, we carried:

* Stoves: a Svea 123 and a brand new contraption called an MSR (the
predecessor to the MSR XGK; this was back when they had only one model)

* Water purification: What's that? We had halazone tablets that we used in a
few cow ponds in SoCal; they tasted really bad. I guess I should mention
that we also got sick--diarrhea and such, presumably from tainted
water--about 3-4 times during our trek.

* First aid kit: Not much. A few bandaids, ace bandage, neosporin, codeine.

Next time? Ah, I can only dream.

Good luck,
one of the 1977 PCT Kelty Kids

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> hello, i have a question for anybody who has completed a thru-hike in
previous years.  i am planning a thru-hike this year and am curious about
the type of stove you used, the type of water purification you used, and
what you included in you first aid kit.  why did you choose the items that
you did, and what kinds of problems did you encounter with your choices?
how would you do things differently next time?
> thanx.