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[pct-l] Mt Jefferson Trip

 I took my son up on the PCT north from White Pass when he was young in 
mid-june one year. He still remembers that trip so much, with a pained look 
on his face saying, "Thanks Dad, I never want to hike again." He muddered 
something about blanking bugs. Needless to say there were so many bugs ,they 
sounded like a squadron of B-29's coming in. If you go to Jefferson in mid-to 
late June or early July some years, take at least tarps with netting sewn 
over open areas. ( Or  light tents) Jefferson is fairly bug free by the time 
thru-hikers from the south see it in mid-aug. If you go late July, tarps may 
work ,but if you go in mid-june with tarps only, your name will be cursed by 
these boys for the next 50 years. ( Remember scout master so and so took us 
on that God forsaken hike into Jefferson back in 02, the swelling didn't go 
down for??) And  bring headnets!