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[pct-l] Lone Pine restaurant/lodging opinions

In a message dated 1/21/02 1:00:56 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
plotnikoff@sjmercury.com writes:

<<  Just a quick note to see if anyone on the list had formed
 strong opinions about motel and restaurant choices in Lone Pine. >>

Hey DP!  There's only one place a hiker should stay in Lone Pine.  That's the 
Dow Villa Hotel.  Stay in the old hotel, not the motel of the same name next 
door.  Lots of memorabilia and atmosphere, especially if you're a John Wayne 
fan.  Just a great place to relax, and the chairs in the lobby are 
comfortable.  Cheap, too!  

Pizza is right across the street, and there's a nice breakfast place (PJ's?) 
just south of the hotel on the same side of the street.  They serve lunch and 
dinner as well.  

We resupplied in Lone Pine in '97, and stayed at the Dow Villa again last 
year when we visited Death Valley.  If you're returning to the trail from 
Lone Pine, it's easier to go through Horseshoe Meadow and Cottonwood Pass 
than Whitney Portal.