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[pct-l] Mt. Hood PCTA meeting in Beaverton

P A C I F I C   C R E S T    T R A I L   A S S O C I A T I O N 
will have their 
A N N U A L    M E E T I N G    1 - 3 PM 
B A C K P A C K I N G   G E A R   S W A P and
S O C I A L I Z I N G   NOON - 1 AND 3 - 4PM 
Saturday, Febuary 2, 2002 

Ron Moak, PCTA Web Master, will present a slide show 
of his thru-hike in 2000 on hiking the 2650 mile
Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. 
This annual meeting is to provide trail volunteers and potential 
volunteers with information about volunteer opportunities available 
in the 150 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail that we maintain from 
Panther Creek in Washington to the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness 
in Oregon. This gives you an opportunity to help maintain 
the trail or volunteer in some other needed capacity. 
Members and other trail lovers are cordially invited.
The gear swap will give you a chance to clean out your closet, 
get some cash for that pack you don't use anymore, or trade it
for someone else's stove. Please bring the gear by 12:30 PM. 
Beaverton Library Meeting Room
12375 SW Fifth St. Beaverton, OR.

No, I didn't write that up.

Anyway in addition to the slideshow, I'll be bringing my new 2lb 2 person
tent. It'll be going into manufacturing the first of February. So you'll get
a chance to see it live. For those not attending, I'll get some photos and
specifications up on my website as soon as it dries out enough to take

Hope to see you there.