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[pct-l] a strange story...

Hola Compadres...
Since this list quite often strays from the topic of
the PCT, I feel I might contribute...  Here's an odd

I just got back from Costa Rica...a wonderful
backpacking trip.  Nothing like the PCT (except for
the occasional mile long tramp through mud), the
jungle and beach trails I hiked were fantastic.  
Early on in my travels, I was trying to avoid a
touristy "jeep, boat, jeep" ride from a place called
Fortuna (a village at the base of Volcan Arenal), to
the cloud forests of Monteverde.  The transportation
was $20, but I had all I needed to make the hike,
taking a more direct route, which I figured would be
just about 30-40 miles, and through some amazing
sites.  On my own, I dreamed up the perfect hike to
Monteverde, and spent two days looking for a map and
recommendations...with a minimal outcome.  I had
enough information, I thought, but spent a muddy,
misty, rainy, and mostly miserable morning looking for
a trail, getting lost, and eventually retreating back
to Monteverde.  

I ended up taking the bus and having a wonderful month
long vacation thereafter.

However...the funny part comes in when I return home
to open up the latest "february" Backpacker magazine,
finding an article about Flyin Brian...and soon enough
the directions of the exact botched hike I dreamed up
in Costa Rica...

Thinking I was original...I guess backpackers have
more in common than I thought. 

Pura Vida,

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