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In a message dated 1/19/2002 11:33:54 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Montedodge@aol.com writes:

> Raiders just robbed by one FAT Ref. at New England. NFL is a big shame and 
> that was the worst call in 35 years of football.

You're forgetting about the same two teams in the playoffs 25 years ago, with 
a love tap by Ray Hamilton on the Snake being called roughing the 
quarterback.  Fifeteen yards and an automatic 1st down and Oakland goes on to 
win that game AND the Super Bowl.  

Pay back is a bitch!  Go Patriots!

Enough of that, and back to the PCT, among other trails.............

TeamTripleCrown took the afternoon off to the watch the football games here 
at the trailhead in Black Mountain after getting in 21 miles by 1:15 in a 
driving rain yesterday.  Four miles an hour average, over rough, steep and 
rolling terrain, I was impressed.  With three weeks left on the AT, then a 
month or in NM before they start the PCT in March, they expect to be leaving 
Kennedy Meadows by mid to late April and doing most of the trail from there 
on skis!  I forget the type (the team is at the local ayce for breakfast) but 
it's like telemark with climbing skins and bindings.  

Has anyone crossed the Sierras in this fashion, can it been done?  Don't 
count these boys out, they're super athletes, having a great time, hiking 
their own hike.  

Although their website is somewhat behind and Fiddlehead isn't into keeping 
up with a daily journal very often, you can check out their schedule (about a 
week ahead right now), and some of their pics, etc.



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