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[pct-l] An introduction


I've been lurking on the list for the last few months and decided it was
time to come out and introduce myself.

I'm going to be attempting to thru-hike the trail this summer - planning on
leaving Campo on April 26 and spending the next day at Lake Morena for the
ADZPCTKO party - really looking forward to meeting other people hiking the
trail this year and being listening to the stories of those who have hiked
it in the past.

This is my first hike of anything remotely like this long of distance - up
till now most of my trips have been in the 2 - 3 day realm. As I'm sure
others are right now, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the prep work that still
needs to happen in the next few months. (As I type this, my dehydrator is
going strong right next to me.) All the great suggestions, debates,
comments, and experience on this list have definitely helped in the planning
phase - as well as adding to the anxiety levels at times!

I had been hoping to do the trail with a friend, but he has run into huge
back problems - now I'm looking at doing it solo - which definitely has it's
appeal at times - but I'm also interested in exchanging e-mail with other
people that are going to be out there this year - I'm not really looking for
a hiking partner, but it would be nice to know who's on the trail and to
exchange thoughts and ideas as the kick off date draws near.

Thanks again to all who have posted in the past, and I look forward to
peppering the list with some of my questions in the future!


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