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[pct-l] Fire and Ice

Lezlie - please include the following items in February's Penwicle. If it is 
too late for that issue, please put it in March and Aprils Penwicle

   PCT list - members are welcome to join me on both trips. I will be giving 
preference to those I personally know. However, I expect few takers for the 
Grand Canyon trip from us mole -skinned people of the great N. W. where the 
U.V. index rarely exceeds .001. We weep when the sun comes out - not just for 
joy but from under-dilated, squinting eyes.

David Cossa is planning another Grand Adventure in the Grand Canyon. I have 
obtained a permit that is good for 6 people from April 25 to May 7.  ( The 
comment from the ranger who issued the permit--Great! Great! Great!) The plan 
is to hike 90 miles in 9 days from Hermits Rest on the South Rim to Supai in 
Havasu Canyon + one day out from Supai. The journey will connect the Boucher, 
Tonto, and Apache trails to Apache Point. From there it travels cross country 
to Topocoba Hilltop and down the Topocoba Trail to Supai. Dates counting 
travel time: Leave Seattle April 23. Arrive back in Seattle May 10
     This trip will be through wild, isolated areas of the G. C.  that are 
seldom visited. Hopefully, seasonal water will be "plentiful." The pace will 
be approximately 10 miles a day and will avoid hiking between 10 a.m. and 3 
p.m. Ultralites take note: there ain't going to be any 20 mile days - not 
even close! The trip includes long traverses on the Supai Esplanade and Tonto 
Platforms - each a different life zone -- as well as the riparian/ true 
desert zone of the Colorado River. A 7 mile trail-less traverse via compass 
on the 7000 foot Colorado Plateau through Ponderosa pine forest tops it off  
   I am planning getting to and from the Grand Canyon entirely by rail (coach 
class) to avoid hassles with dropping off and picking up vehicles. I estimate 
the  cost of the trip to be $500 for food, lodging, transportation (from 
Seattle), and permit fees
  Because of the remote,  extremely isolated nature of this trip, and the 
very real possibility of unexpected trouble for those not versed in desert 
hiking - severe blisters that can lift off toenails, dehydration, getting 
lost, sprains, etc. - I am going to limit this trip to those experienced 
desert hikers who really, really like to backpack. Familiarity with the many 
different layers of the G. C.  (Kaibab, Toroweap, Coconino, Hermit shale, 
Supai, etc.) desirable as well as compass know how and route finding 
abilities. It will be much more difficult than hiking in Havasu Canyon or the 
maintained Bright Angel/Kaibab trails. Expect temperatures ranging from 20* 
to 105*. The G. C.  ranger says they have had cases of heat stroke and 
hypothermia on the SAME day!  If I haven't scared off you desert rats and 
this trip sounds intriguing,( it will be one hell of a purty trip) give me a 
call or e-mail me. 360-871-5577. Cmountaindave@aol.com

 Mt Rainier Climb. Tentatively scheduled for June 14 - 15 - 16, 2002 via 
Inter and Emmons Glacier. Group limit - 12. Glacier experience desirable, but 
not necessary. Ice ax, crampons and harnesses required. Ropes provided.