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[pct-l] Re: Speaking Of Map & Compass Skills

I carried a Suunto M3 compass during my hike of the PCT, and I was well =
pleased with it.  It is a full size compass and weighs an ounce or so.  =
It has a declination adjustment, which came in handy on several =
occasions when trails were going off in every direction and I needed to =
know more than just general direction of travel.  (Magnetic delination =
in the western US is 16 - 18 degrees, which is enough to make a =
difference occasionally, in my opinion).   It also has a line of travel =
indicator, and the compass can be preset to any bearing .  Incidentally, =
I did a review of this compass, and it is located here:

http://www.trailquest.net/gear.html .=20

A great resource for learning compass skills is "Be Expert With Map & =
Compass" by Bjorn Kellstrom.  It is a book, probably available at =
Campmor, REI and mall-type book stores.  I think it is available on CD =
as well. =20

David Mauldin
"To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom"

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