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These direction are true but there is actually 2
different enterences into the lake. The one you want
is the second one that goes into to village. The first
lake raod is just before a bridge and it goes to the
offroad area which is around back of the lake. YOU DO
NOT WANT THIS. you want the second road.

pct-l@backcountry.netFrom the San Diego area:

Take the 8 Freeway east about 40 miles to Buckman
Springs Road.  There is a 
sign on the freeway saying something about Campo and
Lake Morena next exit.  
Turn right at the off ramp and follow the road
approximately two miles to the 
turnoff for Lake Morena.  Turn right and follow this
road into the small 
community of Lake Morena.  The road terminates into
another road where you 
turn right to get to the campground.  At the
campground tell them you are 
with the Pacific Crest Trail gathering or mention my
name.  They should let 
you in without payment.  Find your way around to the
campsites near site 61 
where we should have about ten campsites (numbers to
be published soon).  
You'll see a bunch of low life looking people hanging
around shooting the 
bull and probably some low-slung, heavy set dude who
looks a little like an 
albino bear trying to break open a bear canister!
Park you car, gather your wits from the long drive and
mosey on up to one of 
the groups and introduce yourself.  I think that
you'll find friendly, open, 
genuine people happy to meet you.Best regards,Greg
"Strider" Hummel

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