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[pct-l] Re: looking bad, smelling worse

I think my longest stretch of non washed clothes was
Vermillion Valley to Echo Lake Resort (about 220)

I took a shower in Tuolome Meadows lodge though. 

I was making a phone call at a pay phone at Echo Lake
on a Sunday Evening. Everything was closed, and I
wondered where I would spend the night. 

Having heard rumors that there was a Berkley
campground, 1/2 miles up the hill, and some tourists
volunteering to take me up there to see if the rumor
was true, I jumped in their car. They waited while I
asked the camp hostess if there was room for me...one
look and she said, Of Course. My  new tourists friends
did not wish to leave me stranded. They gave me all
kinds of food, expressed concern, and wished me luck.

now, not sure if I smelled, or just looked that bad

maybe Trashed is a better word


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