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[pct-l] Re: Bus from LA to Lone Pine

You may be able to get an LAX shuttle van to Ridgecrest; check the LAX site at

White Motel in Mojave might also have ideas, as familiar as they are 
with thru-hikers
Kevin Corcoran

campy wrote:
>No Greyhound bus operates north of Mojave now, that I know of. Reference
>earlier inquiries, a replacement bus line is just now being tested
>between Ridgecrest and Carson City, three days per week, fully
>operational maybe next month. You can hitch a ride between Mojave (just
>north of town) and Inyokern, thence to Ridgecrest, and then take that
>bus northward.
>Bishop has the Inyo-Mono Transit bus barn and the cost from Bishop to
>Carson City will be about $12. Numerous flag stops are on the route,
>including the useful ones for section hikers. The airport and train
>station is in Reno, 35 miles north of Carson City, but the new bus will
>connect its service schedule to yet another bus which continues on to