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[pct-l] Re: GPS

Agree with most posts that GPS isn't needed on the
PCT, but (like Brian also said) it can be convenient
on snow cover. 
Thruhiked the PCT in 98 which was a high snow level
year. No idea how many miles I hiked on snow, but it
get really annoying. The walking is pretty easy. Maybe
as easy hiking on a good trail, but it's next to
impossible to find the trail in the woods and in
featureless areas (the maps aren't really detailed
enough for that kind of hiking).
Blazes would solved the problem, but there aren't any.
Never got really lost but used hours to try to stay as
close to the trail as possible. I could often see it
on ridges where the snow had melted, then loose it
again after some yards. Got pretty good at guessing
were the trail designers had put it after some days,
but a GPS sure would have been convenient.
Another point, had just my Casio with a built in
compass, and a real compass would have worked much
better. So, if you expect a lot of snow - bring a good
compass or preferably a GPS as it will compensate
somewhat for the lack of details on the maps.


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