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[pct-l] un-Washed clothes...

--- brick@webrooster.com wrote:
> I was reading this message at my computer when I
> remembered the look of 
> shock on the tourist's faces when I got on the bus
> in Red's Meadow for the 
> ride up to Mammoth Lakes and they smelled me and my
> clothes. They moved to 
> the back of the bus, as far away from me as they
> could get. I didn't blame them
> I had not bathed, or washed my clothes with soap
> since Walker Pass.

     When I hit Manning Park last September I stopped
at a stream that ran under the road at the trailhead
and made a half hearted attempt to wipe myself down
using a bandana.  My last shower was in Stehekin.  I
immediately hopped on the greyhound to Vancouver, took
a Quick Shuttle bus to the SeaTac airport and took the
redeye flight home to Vermont.  I was awfully
selfconscious about my smell until I got on the plane.
The guy in the seat beside me smelled worse than I
did.                             -Ben 

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