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[pct-l] GPS

I am a math major, but thinking about things in meters is way easier than
minutes and seconds.  UTM is basically using meters measuring N and E of a
reference point. We found that most maps (including the ever popular USGS
quads) have UTM on them. Look for the light blue lines that trace squares on
the maps. My GPS is now set to display UTM.

Here is one link to using UTM - http://www.maptools.com/UsingUTM/
It was just the first I found when I searched the internet for UTM. It may
not be the best site for explaining UTM.


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> Another thought on the GPS:  The people who are accustomed in thinking in
> latitude and longitude (pilots) find GPS very useful. Those who are not
> them frustrating. I agree that if you have the point you need to get to
> know how to use the GPS then it is a valuable tool.
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