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[pct-l] Re: G'day I'm new to the list


A book I'd recommend is "Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills". I
think the 6th edition is the most recent and you can order it from your
onine bookseller of choice, if it isn't available locally.

Of course, nothing is as good of a learning experience as being out
there with an experienced and patient friend, but if you're looking for
pointers before you go, I thought this book was really helpful. I
picked it up last summer before doing my first snow climb (Mt Adams, a
nice easy climb /hike in Washington) and I found it really useful. 

We're also using it as the textbook in a mountaineering course I'm
taking this spring, if you want more than the recommendation of a
newbie on it ;-)


p.s. I'm also new to the list, so, Hi everyone. I live in Portland,
Oregon, and hope to hit the trail in 2003.

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