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[pct-l] Golight Gear

 Just got a new golight catalog in the mail the other day. They now make a 
pack call the " Land" which offers more room than the breeze or Gust and also 
has a small hipbelt. Weight is 2 lbs. 2 oz. They also now make a few Teepee 
stype tents that offer good head room plus lightweight. Teepee tents are good 
in the wind and this one has plenty of room for two people and gear. ( This 
would be good for a couple who don't sew on there own)  Now one of my 
favorite topics== Crampons. Make sure to pick up your ice axe and crampons at 
Kennedy Meadows. With " Made of Running Shoes" crampons, you will be far less 
likely to slip in the first place and do your ice axe self arrest. An oz. of 
prevention with worth a pound of cure!! Most thru-hikers over the last few 
years have a very " Jaded" view of the high Sierras. Snow levels have been on 
the slim side. On a more normal to above snow year, you will read where many 
thru-hikers were unprepared and simply drop out of the Sierras and road walk 
ahead or plan return later. If a thru-hiker leaves K.M. without crampons, you 
are stuck with waiting for the sun to soften snow before you can hike. The 
adding of 20 ozs. of Alum. is very cheap insurance to allow you to make 
better time on " Hard packed" snow verses walking in mushy slop or Sierra pie 
crush. Hikers will say these are no good will suncups. The thing is ,you may 
not have sun cupped snow at the time to enter these Mts. If someone's 
experience thu the Sierra's is only based on a late season trip or a below 
normal snow year, they are not qualified to give an actuate account of 
whether or not crampons should be used. If you have to hikers of equal speed 
hiking on frozen or half frozen snow, the guy with the crampons will 
outdistance the guy without in no time. Also you will waste more energy 
slipping than it took to pack the 20 ozs of crampons in the first place. 
Bottom line? If this turns out to be a low snow year again, don't carry 
crampons from K.M. after June 15th for only 2 hours of climbing a few passes. 
But, if this year turns out to be normal or above in snow, or if you plan to 
leave early, you would be wise to carry crampons along with your ice axe. The 
last few years in the Sierra's cannot be used as a guide by others.