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[pct-l] Re: The 4th ADZPCTKO

Dear Tom,

Tom writes: 
"Regarding the date for the 4th ADZPCTKO, do the folks setting it look at the 
anticipated snow situation down there?"
"After "The 4th ADZPCTKO", do the hikers head for Campo right away to start 
hiking? Putting them on the trail when??"

That's one of the beauties of the ADZPCTKO: there are discussions of the snow 
situation in the Sierra, San Gabriel, San Bernardino, San Jacinto, Klamath 
and Cascade mountains from hikers who have already gone through, tried to go 
through and/or trail angels that live along and in those sections.  There are 
water condition discussions, stashing locations, etc.

Some hikers get a ride from Bob Riess or others from San Diego to Lake Morena 
on Thursday before, drop a lot of their gear with any early ADZ'ers, catch a 
ride to the border with one of the ADZ'ers on Friday morning and hike back to 
the ADZ at Lake Morena on Saturday.  Others start Saturday morning and hike 
the 20 miles to Lake Morena that day!  Others have started earlier and catch 
rides from points north to come back to the ADZ and then are delivered back 
to their originating point on Sunday.

We have had more people offer to help with transportation of hikers to and 
from anywhere and Lake Morena and Campo than we have had hikers request.  We 
just try to provide for whatever you, the hiker, chooses to do.  About the 
only thing set in stone is the ADZ on Saturday.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

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