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[pct-l] G'day I'm new to the list

Hi everyone

Have been enjoying the discussions so far.  I am planning on a thru-hike
this year and am counting down the days.  I have a few questions that I'm
hoping all you knowledgeable people may be able to answer.  For a start I am
from Australia, and finding out any info on the pct is all through the net.
So far I have read a fair few journals, LightningBolt - yours was especially
insightful, read some forums etc, so have a pretty good understanding of
conditions, what to expect.  With all this talk of snow i am starting to get
a little anxious. At the moment in sunny Adelaide, South Australia it is 90
degrees so it is hard to visualise snow/water content/ snow pillows yada
yada. If it does indeed turn out to be a big snow year, can anyone recommend
some good books, sites that I can look at for advice on how to use crampons.
There is no way for me to practise that stuff here. Also I am looking at a
lighter weight tarp. Any comparisons between the go-lite caves, dens vs the
Henry Shires tarptent?

Thanks heaps and look forward to meeting you all in a few months.


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