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Thank you for wanting to help out this year.  You are doing exactly what the 
supporters of the ADZPCTKO wish will happen for years and years to come: that 
is that recent hikers, thru-hikers and section hikers of the PCT will help 
out those that aspire to hike this year.  Some help out with contributions of 
money.  Others contribute their vehicles and time to transport hikers from 
the San Diego transit points to Campo and Lake Morena.  Others contribute 
water for stashing.  Still others come and help prepare the food for those 
starving PCT hikers who we refuse contributions from, saying "Please consider 
contributing next year to support those that come behind you!".

Please send whatever contribution amount that you feel moved and capable of 

Greg Hummel
23239 Ironhorse Canyon Rd.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Please put "ADZPCTKO" in the memo on your check or in a note so that my 
lovely wife doesn't think that some wonderful person is just sending us money 
out of the blue!

Best regards and, again, thank you for looking back,

Greg "Strider" Hummel