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[pct-l] Estimating the Thruhiker snowpack

Just south of Forrester Pass is a snow pillow, a device that measures the
weight of the snow [depth doesn't matter]. Over the years we have watched
this pillow to guestimate when the passes will clear in the Sequoia/Kings
Canyon Sierra. The result of years of watching seems to be that it is HOW
FAST THE SNOW MELTS not necessarly how deep it is that is the most critical.
Of second importance is SNOW IN FEBRUARY AND MARCH not snow in January that

Theirfore critical reports are the snow level as of April 1 [How much snow
is there?]and the "California Snow Runoff Prediction" report that predicts
when the Kern and Kings River will peak and how high [How fast is the snow
melting]. Generally these Rivers crest before Memorial Day. On a fast melt
year they crest a couple weeks before while in 1999 they crested about June