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[pct-l] more on backcountry water treatment

Hello there y'all,=20

This year we looking for a suitable ultralight replacement for our water =
filter while in the backcountry.   Although it is slow we love my mini =
katadyn filter and have found it to be bomb proof in the desert.  Last =
spring we had to suck water out of the paria river and it did the =
trick...most other filters would have clogged up for good in a few =
pumps.  We probably will never give it up while hiking in the desert for =
that reason.

We am not happy with the Portabe Aqua ( =
http://www.pcta.org/plan/water_toxic.shtml ) tablets - THANKS PCTA!  We =
are very cautious about this since we eat we eat ~100% organic food =

It looks like a lot of folks like aqua mira.  According to =
http://www.mcnett.com/products/aquamira-faq.html this makes chlorine =
dioxide which I haven't been able to find any good 3rd party data on =
(The EPA or FDA don't count).  Does anyone have anything here?

I have heard a lot about h2o2 for municipal water supplies but in =
searching the backcountry list serves I can't find much.  This is =
actually what I am most interested in.  I have heard of it used in =
alternative health care therapies http://www.h2o2-4u.com/ .  Once again =
I haven't been able to find any good 3rd party data on this.  Does =
anyone have anything here?


Jack Young
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