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[pct-l] Snow Questions

Hey Monte, 

Climb High in Vermont recommended the 1 pound Grivel Grippers over the
standard 12 point crampons because you can easily stab yourself with the
front points. The Grivel Grippers would also work with soft boots. Climb
High said that because the Grippers dont have a hinge, they will cause less
blisters when walking across mixed ground.

Understand that I don't know anything about snow. I am just beginning to get
used to snowshoes.


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 Right on Brian!!!! Love to see people advise crampons and snowshoes for 
early trips or heavy snow years. Also , when the sun warms thing up, walking

on snow is like walking across pie crust. ( Every fourth step you break 
through and get bit on the shins) This gets old fast and snowshoes in May
heaven sent!!  Of course , a 135lb. gal may be walking in front of you may 
never break through while you step, plant, then whump!!! !@%^&#* that felt 
good!! A bigger hiker ( 200 lb. plus guys) will have more trouble staying 
afloat of the pie crust like snow than some trail tempstess of 130lbs. with 
nearly the same size boots. ( Yes, rocket science!!!) Take a pair of one 
pound Alum. Stubia crampons made for running shoes. 12 point crampons that
Jeff ran up Mt. Adams in this summer.   On another note:::: Survivor
That would be a cake walk compared to the PCT!! Lay around eating bugs and 
fish heads with 4 or 5  great looking  women who will be planning  when your

" Torch" is up. I would be voted off the first chance while some male model 
from big city America with zero to no outdoor skills takes the money .
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