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[pct-l] Re: PCT resupply

Nine days for two is pushing it. However you really only need a BC from Rock
Creek and it is only REQUIRED North of Forrester Pass. Wild-Ideas.net sells
an extended can


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I am entering the PCT from Cottonwood Pass south of Lone Pione skipping Mt.
Whitney. I am concerned about resupply at VVResort. According to my
calculations, it would take nine days at 16 miles per day (using Craig's
Planner formula of 2.5 miles per hour for eight hours walking per day) to
reach VVR. Now my final destination in TM but I am wondering if it is
practical for two people with one bear cannister to make it nine days to
VVR without resupply at Muir Ranch. It's certainly worth skipping if it is
not hiker friendly and VVR is only another 20 miles away. This is my first
experience with resupply points and using a cannister for more than a
weekend trip. By the way, where can I buy a "Bearikade" cannister which is
either larger or lighter somewhat? Thanks.

Tokio John

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