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[pct-l] Bivy Sacked

I second Svein's comments (below) about the bivy/tarp combination.  I combine 
a Standard OR bivy with a lightweight 35-degree bag and a tarp/poncho 
shelter.  Only use the bivy when it gets really stormy or cold.  This 
combination is a bit cold in the northern Cascades, but otherwise very 
satisfactory for me.  In the high country, late season, it would be safer to 
pack a 20-degree bag with the tarp/poncho and bivy.

In a message dated 1/8/02 12:11:41 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
sveriksen@yahoo.com writes:

<< Used an OR Advanced Bivy a short while on my thruhike.
 You certainly can survive in one, but I wasn't too
 happy with mine. Worked fine (room for me and a few
 things) in good weather, but it's difficult to get in
 and out in bad. 
 Also, I had severe condensation problems. Heavy
 morning dew was enough to create condensation in the
 foot end of the bivy. Camping under a tree or
 something that would prevent the dew to land on the
 bag was enough to cure the problem, but that wont stop
 Of course, when it rains the nights aren't usually
 that cold and the condensation might end up being less
 of a problem. 
 Overall, I wouldn't reccomend using a bivy without a
 tarp, and with a tarp it's kind of an overkill. I'd
 get a tarp and a much lighter bivy or a bag with water
 resistant outer shell in stead. To be fair though,
 I've met several people who seem to be happy with
 their OR Advanced Bivys.