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[pct-l] Re: PCT resupply

 Tokio John asks:"........I am wondering if it is practical for two people
with one bear cannister to make it nine days to VVR without resupply at Muir
Ranch. It's certainly worth skipping if it is not hiker friendly and VVR is
only another 20 miles away."

One bear cannister will not be enough for 9 nine days. You might consider
using the bear boxes in Sequoia/Kings Canyon to handle the overflow for the
first few days - use this link for bear box locations:
http://www.pcta.org/plan/bears.shtml. The people at Muir Ranch, in my
experience, may be a bit reserved but they are certainly not unfriendly.
However, I don't think it is worth while to re-supply there if you are
northbound. The cost ($45) and the requirement to use a 5-gallon plastic
bucket make it impractical for just a day or two. VVR is a far better

Don Davidson