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[pct-l] Getting to Stehkin

A good friend of mine that I have known since first
grade is thinking of hiking the last 90 miles from
Stehkin to Manning Park, BC with me this year.  

I am not concerned about him keeping up with me
because he has always been in good shape, has
backpacked a fair amount, and I am taking a more laid
back approach for my last week on the PCT than I did
on my last week for the AT (where he did the 115 miles
through Maine wih me in a week.)  So, while I question
his mental state (spending hard earned vacation time
to spend time with his even crazier buddy...), he
should do fine physically.

My question is, if he was to fly into Seattle, what is
the best way to get to Stehkin. I know there is a
ferry involved (which I have the Ph # for), but I have
no idea how he can get to the ferry area. Shuttle
service? Is there a regular bus service?



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