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[pct-l] Bivy Sack verses Tarp Tent

 Bivies are light and offer protect. These though are a rarity on the PCT as 
many of todays tarp tents made of 1.1 oz silicone nylon and are lighter with 
room for you and all your gear. Most have mos. netting and will even allow 
you to cook inside if in a pinch. In the last 2 years, I don't recall seeing 
any bivy bags out there, but a vast array of wonderful tarp and tents 
homemade under 2lbs apiece and some close to a pound. The coverage these guys 
cover is amazing. If you use trekking poles, your supports are an arm length 
away. Bivies are light ,but have a bad rap as being " Mini Saunas" as they 
can be clammy and don't have the best venelation and damp weather.