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[pct-l] Re: John Muir Trail Resupply

John,  I visited VVR in October, just as they were closing up shop for the 
year, and they had every intention of being open next year.  Having made it 
through the season without incident, Peggy decided to not sell the resort.  
I would highly recommend VVR as a resupply point, rather than Muir Ranch, 
which charges a hefty fee for holding a resupply package.  Also, quite a few 
hikers have told me that they found they were unwelcome at Muir Ranch.  VVR 
is a wonderful, warm, and hiker-friendly place.  As for fresh fruit--this 
past summer they set out bowls of it for hikers to help themselves, but they 
only sell packaged food, drinks, etc.  They have an extensive beer 
selection, though, and beer counts as a vegetable, I think.

>Does anyone know about how long it takes from Cottonwood Lakes south of
>Lone Pine to Muir Ranch for resupply? I expect to walk a leisurely 15 miles
>a day. Second, is there some doubt bout whether VVResort will be open this
>summer. If so, do they sell fresh veggies and fruit? Thanks.
>Tokio John
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