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[pct-l] Tarptent review from '01 PCT

>My concern is condensation on the bottom surfaces of the tarp. >Is this
>a big problem with tarps in general and how did you minimize it? happy
>trails, Hobbit

I guess that dealing with condensation is just another one of those
trade-off's for a lighter pack and a comfort level that I'm personally
willing to tolerate, but it really wasn't that big of a problem for me.
There were many nights when the underside of my tarptent became quite
wet, but it's something that I soon developed a constant "sixth sense"
for while I slept in at least keeping my sleeping bag from making
contact with the ceiling which was hard when I had to set up very low to
the ground. I used a down bag on the hike which sometimes got sticky
damp from condensation, prespiration, damp weather, and who knows what
else :-) but never so bad that I wasn't able to sleep "sticky-style" in
it until I could dry it out on the first sunny day... usually drooped
over my shoulders as I hiked.

That was basically my experience with the tarptent which certainly more
than met my criteria for a quality hike and there really weren't too
many of those sticky nights :-)

>Please remember that the PCT in Washington passes through some =
temperate rain forest.<

>>Right. Isn't this the section most everyone circumvents, >>between
>>Bridge = of the Gods and Panther Creek Campground?

Hey! "I" didn't skip that beautiful section... no way! ... although the
other three hiker's who left Cascade Lock's on the same day as I did
chose the pavement.

Happy Trails! Dave Brock "Lightningbolt"


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