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[pct-l] Shuttle @ Mexican border

I am interested in doing a long day hike/ or overnight from Mexican border to
first access point, about 20 mi, I assume to Lake Moreno Campground. Am looking
for ways to get shuttled to trail head on border, or back to my car whereever
its parked. Is this something that you mentioned trail angels, Joe & Terri
Anderson would assist with? Any other suggestions for how to accomplish this
section hike? Most likely I won't be able to coordinate my trip w/big event on
April 27th. What is the terrain like--how high elev does it get? What are
typical temps? When does it get too hot to hike this section? I will be
planning a trip to CA sometime next year, but don't think it will be before
4/30. Im looking to doing the PCT in section hikes. Prefer response to my email
address--lindajagger@yahoo.com for I don't read digest every day

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