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[pct-l] Fw: Southbound Hikers

Thanks, Don. I'm forwarding this to the list if you don't mind. It's
encouraging to hear that Ben made it to Mexico, that a solo hiker thru-hiked
the PCT southbound. That's quite exceptional, really; almost unprecedented.
But if anyone was going to do it this year, it would've been him:
experienced, trained, lightweight philosophy, and exceedingly positive
attitude. Oh, and vegetarian as I recall. "Digesting meat consumes a lot of
energy." I tend to agree.

- blisterfree

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> Brett
> Southbounder Ben Armstrong did complete the PCT.  We met him south of
> Meadows on a trail maintenance project in the burn area and he spent two
> working with us before continuing.  We had an email from Joe Anderson and
> wife (Trail Angels from Green Valley) who met him at the border when he
> finished.
> Don Bennett