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[pct-l] Start dates??

--- Montedodge@aol.com wrote:
>  I would still go with a late april or may 1st.
> start date. This will give 

First, thanks for all the advice about starting dates.
Within a day of posting the message, had five replies.

Looks like I am going to lean towards my original
late-April start. I don't want to stay in work much
longer. :-)

Seriously, as you and othesr suggested, it is better
to have the time for leeway. If there is too much snow
in the Sierras, well, just have to find something to
do for a couple of weeks...or take it slower down

It is still early to tell what kind of a snow year it
is going to be, but April is not that far away...

> important.  See and do all you can on this
> one!!!!!!!!!  ( Though not 

And that is one different thing I want to do on my PCT
hike vs. my AT hike of  four (Where did the time
go?!?!?) years ago.  I did not get to know many of my
fellow hikers that year. For better or worse, I was
one of the first ten people to finish northbound that
year. This year? Plan on going to the ADZPCTKOP,
taking some side trips (Mt. Hood just looks too cool
to pass up) and kicking back.  Maybe as I approach
thirty (and as my hair line starts to recede :D),
finally learning to kick back a little.  

As you said, it is a great experience....want to savor
much of it as possible.

> generally inendorsed, I feel light Alum. crampons of
> Stubia which weigh a 

I was debating taking some in-step crampons. If the
snow year is heavy, that just might clinch it.

Less than four months to go! 

The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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