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[pct-l] Snow trips

 Brett makes some very good points. Last year would have been a great South 
bound trip, yet few opted for it. I know Jonathon Ley did a South Bound CDT 
trip last year and had 60% of normal in Glacier with a mid-june start. Goat 
rocks in Washington were still tough in late June on a down year. Experts on 
a Snowy PCT?? Myself and several other hikers on this list did the Sierra's 
in early to mid-may on a light snow year back in 1977. Bad news was nature 
decided to make up for lost time during late spring making for a real " 
Interesting" time thru this section. Ice axes are a must on snowy year, 
crampons or light " MSR" type snowshoes could be helpful. Remember a few 
years back when we had large amounts of snow in the Sierras and only 9 hikers 
completed the PCT? This may not be that kind of year, but more gear ,fuel, 
and food would be required to be packed. This would make last year's trip 
look like a day hike to Disney World.  Getting caught in and early fall storm 
isn't fun either!!!! Ask Fallingwater, Swiss, Jeff or Skylark about their 
2000 hike near Glacier Peak in Washington. Experts?? There must be a good 30 
or so on this list and each has a few very good words of wisdow!!!!!!!!