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[pct-l] Start dates??

 I would still go with a late april or may 1st. start date. This will give 
you a little lee way if you have knee or foot problems and need to take a 
week off to recoup. In the old 70 lb. pack days, hikers started near the 
first of april to assure a thru-hike finish. ( Of course miles per day were 
lower and trail was 200 miles shorter) Raymond " 8 pound" Jardine says to 
leave Kennedy Meadows after June 15th on a normal year. If your comfortable 
with your snow skills, you could bump that up a few weeks. If you are a fast 
hiker,  May 5ish is good to start. Slow hikers may need to start April 20th 
or so. The PCT kick-off is perfect all-around start date for most at the late 
weekend of april. This will allow you to finsh near mid Sept. and Late Sept. 
if your slower or want to do a few side hikes or climbs. My opinion???? Even 
on a bad snow year, start late april and " Hold up in Kernville, Lone Pine" 
or somewhere if need be. Remember , it's the trip and the people that are 
important.  See and do all you can on this one!!!!!!!!!  ( Though not 
generally inendorsed, I feel light Alum. crampons of Stubia which weigh a 
pound are worth there weigh in gold on heavy to average snow years, plus ice