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[pct-l] How bout those Trail Angels!!!

 I would like to see a few articles in the communicator about trail angels of 
the PCT. These folks are the " Meat and Potatoes" of the PCT. If is going to 
be different this year without a Jack 's " Flare" for stories and his twist 
of life's perspective. Butch is another great loss. I still have good 
memories of the kindness I got at Kamp Anza with Pat and Paul. ( Had fun 
giving Meadow Ed the " Queen" in a spirited game of Hearts there in 2000) 
Jeff and Donna's place is a spirital uplift for hot ,sweaty and taddered 
hikers after a month in the desert. Pooh Corner as well. Thanks to all those 
very " Special" people who make this trail the best in the world!!!! ( And it 
is!! Not too many hikers and great scenery with super trail angels)