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[pct-l] Rainier this Summer

"If you're serious about Rainier in July, 
I'm tentatively planning a group climb via the camp
Shurmann/Emmons Glacier 
route this summer and if you haven't already firmed up
other plans, you can 
join us and save about $700 -- the cost of a guided tour. "

Hi CMountainDave!
I appreciate the opportunity to join your group. I will
keep it in mind. Chances are I will do it with my friend
and guide of Whitney/Hood. We made it to Camp Muir in July
of 2000 and at that time I chose to turn around due to a
lack of experience....that was BEFORE I summitted Hood. Had
I done Hood first, I think I would have been fine. So now
that I have finished the A.T., the idea of Rainier again
has resurfaced. Going with your group does sound
interesting though, as part of my concern previously was
that there were only two of us...even though he is very
experienced and has soloed Rainier, I wanted that third
person with us. 

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