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[pct-l] packs

Looks like we're all searching for the right pack...  
In response to my query on the Kelty Flight, I received 
several positive endorsements on that pack (or the 
Cloud which I believe is the same except for slightly 
heavier pack cloth and lower price).  I also received a 
strong endorsement for the G4.  Tom's post is the first 
that compares them and provides an alternative.  
Frankly the gossamer appearance of the G4 put me off a 
bit.  I went ahead and ordered a Flight because the 
sale price was appealing.  Now I'm plagued with the 
bane of gear heads, too many choices.
I hadn't looked at GoLite because I wasn't aware that 
they had beefed up their suspension.  I'm assuming Tom 
is describing the Gust.  I'm trying to make a 
thoughtful transition to an ultralight style, but my 55 
year old body still recoils from a totally minimalist 
approach.  I like a few extra comforts, so am currently 
targeting a packweight in the 14 pound range.  Does the 
Gust have a suspension that will transfer enough of the 
load to my hips?  How is the framesheet supported (no 
stays?)?  How do the Flight and Gust suspensions 
happy trails in 2002, Hobbit   
> I have had a Kelty Cloud, two G4's and I have a new Golite pack that is
> one up from the Breeze. It weighs 19.5 oz. It appears to be a great
> compromise between the heavier Cloud and the too delicate G4 and Breeze
> type packs.
> I was all set to try out the new Golite on the AT in Maine in September,
> but chose Sept 11th as my departure date. I was on the plane but never
> left the ground...so I will probably try it out at Pt Reyes National
> Seashore in January.
> Tom in Sacramento
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