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[pct-l] Tonto trail

I have hiked two sections of the Tonto rim and can say that both pieces
were dry, relatively uninteresting, and were used as connectors to side
canyons.  Did the Royal Arch route down to Elves Canyon (need some rappel
gear for one spot and possibly a belay for a finger tip traverse -
depending on your confidence on rock, and a major wade with water up to
shoulder: almost didn't get my group through it due to a  major mutiny-
until I  stripped,got myself and my gear to the end of all the pools, and
they saw that it was possible), and took the Tonto over to Bass Trail. 
There was a section bouldering through rough limestone rock that totally
fries your fingers (bring gloves). There were a few seeps but we were
warned about drinking the water because the mineral content causes bad
diarrhea.  Bring lots of water containers because you need to let the
colorado water settle over night and decant the water off and it still is
quite turbid.